3 VS 3 Tournament Indoor Hockey

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THE indoor hockey tournament for all girls and boys of the E, D and C youth is back. Sign in with at least 2 friends, they may be playing at the same club but also at another club. Maximal 6 players per team.  Please note that everyone is a hockeyplayer and is of the same age category. The matches are played 3 against 3 (without goalkeeper) on a small field, 10 by 20 meters. This will stimulate the development of technical skills. All teams will be devided in poules based on equal levels.


Make sure that each child is provided with a bit and shinguards. Without these two items it’s unfortunately not possible to participate in this tournament. Don’t have this yet? You can buy all needed equipment at the event itself!


The tournament takes place in Topsportcentrum Almere on 23 and 24 October. The walk-in is from 9.30 am till 10.00 am. The first matches will start at 10.00 am, make sure the team is ready to start!  Each game takes 8 minutes and 2 minutes to prepare for the next match.

23 October 2018 24 October 2018
9.30-10.00 hrs = Walk-in & registration E- youth 9.30-10.00 hrs = Walk-in & registration D- youth
10.00-13.00 hrs = Competitions E- youth 10.00-13.00 hrs = Competitions D- youth
13.30-14.00 hrs = Walk-in & registration C- youth 13.30-14.00 hrs = Walk-in & registration C- youth
14.00-17.30 hrs = Competitions C- youth 14.00-17.30 hrs = Competitions C-youth


Sign in with a team of at least 3 players with a maximum of 6 players per team. The costs for each player are € 12.50.  For only € 10, – extra per player you have your own Hockey Centre gameshirt. Choose your favorite color and text and we will make a great shirt!


This year there is a stand of The Hockey Centre present to complete your hockeygear. Still need a glove, shinguards or a indoorhockeystick? Make sure you walk by our Hockey Centre stand!

Each team is responsible for a referee! During this tournament all parents are requested to stay on the stands. This tournament is supposed to be a fun way to develop your hockey skills.




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